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Vote and Congratulate Legislators

MDHA encourages all dental hygienists and hygiene students to get out and VOTE on November 08, 2022. All 163 house of representative members are up for election or re-election and 17 either new or retained state senators in even-numbered districts have seats up for grabs.

On November 9th find out who your new state senator and state representative are and send them a congratulatory letter! Advocacy is greatest at the grassroots. MDHA needs you to be the point of contact for legislators in your area for issues on oral health!

  1. Look up your Elected Officials:   Click Here​​

a. Enter your home and/or work address and hit submit. Your elected or re-elected officials, as well as, retained officials should be listed and updated by November 09, 2022. Click for more information on your state senator and state representative. Review their biography and collect contact information!

   2. Modify this Sample Congratulatory Letter as needed and send it                   through email to legislators.​​​

a. You may contact legislators both in the place you live and work, if separate.

   3. ​​Send any questions you may have to MDHA, we are here to support!

a. Legislative Council Chairperson, Karmen Vaughn

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