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Keep up to date on what is happening here in Missouri.

1.  Have you heard about the pilot programs that the Missouri Dental Board have approved? Click the button below to learn about the current Nursing Home Pilot Project with Telehealth and the proposed Oral Preventive Assistant "OPA" Pilot Project.

2. Oral Preventive Assistant EFDA pilot program and local anesthesia under general supervision: Thank you for writing the Missouri Dental Board on the these two pending issues. At this time, the Missouri Dental Board is reviewing all the sent letters and will need to address them in the next
few weeks. MDHA will let you know what that outcome is. *06/26/2024

3. Thanks to all of you who have contacted your legislators in regards to the Dentist and Dental Hygienist Compact, the licensure portability bill.

Although the bill passed the Missouri House of Representatives, there was not enough time for it to pass the state Senate. We hope to have the bill re-introduced for the 2025 legislative session.

4. ElectionsMDHA urges all hygienists to be aware of who is running for federal, state and local offices this year. We may be facing a scaling assistant bill in 2025 if the scaling assistant pilot program moves forward and the MDA wants to make it permanent legislation. Please learn about those who win elections in your area, as you may need to contact them next year to oppose the expansion of the scaling assistant proposal. Your job may depend on it.

*Please also consider giving a MO-HY PAC donation to help our political action committee support candidates who may support our concerns. 

5. School Expansion: There are plans to expand the number of dental hygienists in Missouri
with expansions to dental hygiene programs. St. Louis Community College will add a second program at the Florissant Valley campus to add another 32 students. Work on the building is underway. State Fair Community College hopes to create a distance education location in Columbia as well as add students to its Sedalia campus. UMKC has accepted 10 more students as well.


This will help our dental hygiene manpower situation in which we lost 4 dental hygiene educational sites from the 10 we previously had. 

Update on the Oral Preventive Assistant (OPA) Pilot Program

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