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What is Missouri Hy-PAC?

The Missouri Dental Hygienists’ Political Action Committee, (MO Hy-PAC) is a voluntary non-profit committee which pools campaign contributions from dental hygienists to donate funds to potential future legislators running for office in Missouri. The PAC supports the goals of the Missouri Dental Hygienists' Association, but operates independently, and autonomously. MO Hy-PAC is not affiliated with any one political party but supports individual candidates who align with dental hygienists' interests.
The purpose of Missouri Hy-PAC is to:

1.  Assist dental hygienists and others in organizing themselves for more effective political action and in carrying out their civic responsibility.

2.  Endorse those candidates whose political principles promote the Missouri Dental Hygienists’ Association’s purposes, policies, and goals.

3.  Raise money through fundraising for the PAC.

4.  Donate money to endorsed candidates.

5.  Provide volunteers to perform campaign functions for endorsed candidates.

Voting isn't enough and lobbying isn't enough!!!

Legislation affects the scope and the future of the practice of dental hygiene through the decisions made by Missouri legislators. By supporting candidates who support our efforts leads to positive legislative outcomes.

Hy-PAC is active!!!

As dental hygienists, we are now faced with a pilot program that will allow EFDA-trained dental assistants to scale teeth above the gum line, so it is important to increase PAC funds so we are prepared to financially support candidates who will have views consistent with our own.


Defend the investment you have made in the dental hygiene profession by donating money and volunteering to work for quality candidates who promote the dental hygiene profession! You may donate online or by mail. (See how to donate below). Never has it been more important than it is today!

Please donate to the PAC and consider attending our upcoming fundraisers.

Upcoming Fundraisers:

Benign, but not Forgotten

Please join MO Hy-PAC in welcoming back Dr. Richard Vargo. His course will be on identifying a potpourri of oral pathology cases focusing on both red and blue oral mucosal lesions. Virtual 3 CE credits.

Saturday 06/15/24

8:30 A.M.-11:30 A.M.

HyPac course.PNG
PAWS 4 PAC (2).png

MO Hy-Pac is holding a PAWS 4 PAC Contest this year!


Dress your pet up in dental theme/supplies to be entered to win a $100 gift card!


Votes for the best dressed pet will be determined by PAC contributions.


Please send your entries to Amy at by August 30th and back the PAC!

2023-2024 Missouri Hy-PAC Directors

Diann Bomkamp (St. Louis)

Linda Hoffmann (Central)


Karmen Vaughn (Kansas City)

Romana Muller (St. Louis)

Ex-Officio (non-voting privileges)

MDHA President:
Karen Davis

Fundraising Committee

Linda Hoffmann

Bylaws Committee

Diann Bomkamp​​


Local Directors

Central Missouri: Susan Bear


Kansas City: Melissa Saad


Joplin: Becky Harshaw ​​​


Springfield: Kammi Benham-Grosse


St. Louis: Lori Crawford and Amy Krusz

Director at Large: Linda Cravens

Director at Large: Bonnie Hykes

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