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Answers to Common Questions

  • Where can I find the Missouri Dental Board General Rules?

  • When and how often do I have to update my Dental Hygiene License?

    • Every 2 years in November of the even year.​

  • How much does it cost to renew my license? ​

    • $60​

  • How many Continue Education (CE) credits do I need? 

    • 30 hours during the two (2)-year period immediately preceding the renewal period.​

  • I have more than 30 CEs in my last renewal period. Can any of those hours carry over?

    • Yes, up to 15 hours. 

  • I renewed my license. Do I really need to keep these old CE certificates?

    • Yes, keep those for 6 years!

  • Who can I take CE hours through?

    • Check here to see which sponsors are board approved.​

  • How often do I have to have OSHA training?

    • Yearly. It is a federal mandate. ​

    • Everyone in the office needs a yearly update actually, including non-clinical staff.

    • The training can be in person or online, but you must be able to ask questions during the session and how it pertains to your office specifically. 

    • The office needs both a written exposure plan and hazard communication plan. 

    • If N95 masks are being used, there needs to be a respiratory protection plan in place. 


  • Can I practice dental hygiene without a dentist present in Missouri? 

  • Does a patient have to have an exam by the dentist each dental visit?

    • As long as the patient is established as a patient of record and has an exam by the dentist within 12 months, it is fine to proceed with hygiene services without an exam.

    • ​Please refer to the Dental Practice Act, page 3 (6) "Patient of Record" for more detailed information. 

  • Can I provide local anesthesia to my patient if the dentist is not present in the building?

    • No. The dentist does not need to be in the operatory, but must be present on site.

    • Missouri Dental Board is currently considering changing the practice act to allow dental hygienists to give local anesthesia under general supervision.

  • If you have questions or need help understanding the Missouri Dental Practice Act, contact the Missouri Dental Board

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