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Please read for information on the Scaling Assistants Pilot Program in MO from MDHA President, Jen Wilson

On April 14th, the Missouri Dental Board approved an Oral Preventive Assistant Expanded Functions Dental Assistant (OPA/EFDA) pilot program proposed by the Office of Dental Health (ODH) and the Missouri Dental Association (MDA). This pilot program will follow these OPAs for 18 months, and with minimal training, they will be allowed to scale supragingival on healthy patients and patients with reversible gingivitis. If you are concerned about the underserved populations this pilot program will be targeting and for your future as a licensed dental hygienist, please contact the Missouri Dental Board. Also include Dr. Jacqueline Miller, the State Dental Director, and Paula Nickelson, the Director of DHSS in your email to the dental board.

If you have further questions, please reach out to us. 



Jen Wilson, BHS, RDH

Missouri Dental Hygienists’ Association President 2021-2023 

Click HERE for more info on the OPA Pilot Program

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